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27 March 2011 @ 08:31 pm
Work is busy - And loving Jackie Boyz! <3  
I hardly get online atm, my boss is still on vacation so work is so busy, I even work on Saturdays. But she'll be back on Tuesday! /happy happy happy :DDD Tomorrow our team will get new collegues, I'm a bit nervous about it. There have been so many changes while she was gone, it feels like it's been weeks or even months since I last saw her, when it's just been 3 weeks. People are telling me to stop working so much all the time, but what can I do, when there's so much pressure from the company and the team? I feel like I don't do enough, like I just can't finish it all, because everytime I see the end someone goes and puts more work on top of it all. /sigh

It's stressful, and I'd love to release some stress with working out, but my elliptical machine does not function right atm ;___; I still need to call the support team. There are still my fitness dvds, but I'm too lazy to work out with them, I need my EM back right now. /pout
Summer's around the corner, I wanna get my body back in shape, too.

I'm totally in love with Jackie Boyz songs!!!! Found their music by chance, I'm so happy <33333 And will buy Alexis Jordan's album once it's available here! <333
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: Jackie Boyz - That Girl