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21 August 2011 @ 12:56 am
My Dog's a Poser!  
So I'm back from my little party with the family, and I took some pics of my cute little pets :) I don't see them that often.

Kessi's such a cute dog, she's a pro at doing puppy eyes to get what she wants, it will melt your heart! Now this here is her calculating gaze. :) haha

She noticed I was taking more pictures, now she's in full poser mode! Licking the grass!

Cutely munching on the yummy snack. Notice her big joyful eyes!

Turning on her back for a cool pose, but not forgetting to snack some more!

FULL POSER MODE! Artistically holding the snack with an arched back and intense glance!

OMG, she's such a poser, I never knew. :) haha

Now Lily's totally different, she ran away. :) "No, I'm too sleepy looking, take the camera away!" So she just looked for a nice spot in the sun and slept. :)

Salem has been indifferent. haha :) So there's only this pic.

Ah, I forgot to take a pic of Elwood, the chinchilla. He was extra super cute today and kept nibbling my fingers. :)
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